Don’t you?

My favorite thing to do is to remind others of the hope + joy that always surrounds them. I’ve been through some really dark seasons where I felt completely stuck and hopeless. I think it’s there where God can do His greatest work. Have you ever noticed that? In the Bible, the Lord has a sneaky way of finding people in the midst of their hopeless seasons and then makes a way through the wilderness. And He always does it in such a way that only He can do. He is so good.

In all honesty, the dreams I have in my heart are so big that sometimes I want to crawl under my bed and stay hidden. It can be difficult to navigate life when your dreams are only outsized by your heart. I know! Are you the same?

I thought so ;)

Since we’re pretty much soul sisters, I created a few free resources to encourage you to chase those dreams, to hold onto hope, and stay fueled by your faith. Just drop your deets in the form.

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