One of the intentions that I have for this podcast is to form a living, breathing community around it. We will definitely have live events in the future, but the way that we’ll do that right away is through a free Facebook Group called Fueled By Faith, Coffee + Country Music. It’s a gathering place for The Hope Collective Podcast and my music listeners to discuss episodes, gush on our favorite music, and encourage one another in our faith. The thing I’m most excited about is our listener challenges. I believe that the Lord cares about every facet of our lives, even the parts we think might be unspiritual. As believers, we’re called to be the light of the world, and if we’re caught up in our brokenness or feeling hopeless in any area, it’s really hard to be bright! Our listener challenges are designed to spark intentionality and purpose.

It’s a place to connect with new friends who are fueled by their faith, and happen to love country music. If you’re a coffee date kinda person, you’ll love this group. We’re all about connecting over the things that mean the most to us: faith, family, country music, a healthy lifestyle, dreaming big, yep - all the things. Basically, it’s just a place where we can connect!