You're worth it

You're Worth It.

I've had a history of being really hard on myself. It's something that I don't really like to admit, because it's not a really nice characteristic, but it's the truth. Are you anything like me?

It can be really hard to accept the fact that I am actually worthy of being loved fully, completely, irrevocably, sacrificially even.

But, it's true. Each day, Jesus is working on this heart of mine. I like to picture Him doing a little heart surgery on me when I go to sleep. He's putting back together the pieces, one by one, delicately, sweetly, with so much gentleness and attention to detail.

Being loved in this way can be uncomfortable because I'm afraid that He's got me all wrong, I can't be worthy of this kindness. But He keeps pursuing, and I keep falling more and more deeply in love, trusting Him with my life. He is literally all I could ever want or need. He is my everything. I love you, Jesus.

Picture this...

Jesus looks at the cross.

After a few silent moments, He turns His head, and with tears running down His cheeks, His body scarred and broken, trembling with fear and pain, He looks at you.

"You're worth it," He says.