To The Girl Who Is Tired of Waiting

Today's post was written with love by Carine Abraham.

Recently I begrudgingly walked into this season called waiting. I left my job and stepped away from a lot of things in preparation for this season. I am not the type of person to leave one thing without having something else coming down the pipeline. I am a Caribbean woman and we are always anticipating and over preparing. Yet, I found that there was this call of surrender that kept getting louder and louder and I needed to respond in obedience to it no matter how illogical it appeared to be. As the weeks progressed in this waiting space of not working, random new opportunities would arise, but I continued to feel that tug to rest and wait. I am beginning to believe that there is something more that God is wanting me to hold out for, so here I wait.

This season so far has required standing in the vulnerable cold and relying on the warmth of community. It requires more seeking, more pressing in, and even more tears than I have been willing to give in the past. It requires me to come up higher and to dream bigger than I ever have. Here in this space of waiting is where my dreams and prayers are becoming bigger and clearer. This is a space where I take off my sandals for I am standing on holy ground.

Luke 6:38 says, your gift will return to you full, pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap.

God is making room for MORE in the waiting. This waiting space is where I recalibrate-where I fix my eyes to the hills, posture my heart to heaven, align my words with his promises, while completely surrendering to the process. If I can endure here, my senses, this body, this soul, this mind will experience and taste of the glory of God. When Moses inquired and pressed God to reveal his glory, in His kindness God didn’t withhold it from him. God even went so far as to place Moses in a position where he could receive it. God will never reveal to us what we don’t have capacity for nor what we aren’t positioned for.

So, as I navigate real life I am encouraged that the God of the universe wants to give of himself to me so much so that he will put me in a position where I can have capacity for the more he has in store for me. He desires to give me above and beyond what I can imagine or think. The beauty of the waiting space is that I have access to come up higher to his plans and purposes for me. He called Moses to come up higher. He called Joshua to come up higher. He called David to come up higher. He called Peter to come up higher. He called Ruth to come up higher. He called Joseph to come up higher. He called Hezekiah to come up higher and countless others in their season of waiting.

Honestly, waiting has been hard for me because it goes against the natural order of doing things. It demands you to sit, slow down, give up control, listen and walk by faith. However, if this is the space where I am to be built up in faith and strength, then so be it. So, as God prepares a place for me in his house, I will make space in the rooms of my heart for Him, so that I can be the vessel he wants me to be.

God is always doing a new thing and it is my honor to accept the invitation of waiting. Though I still don’t know what to do, I will keep my eyes on Him. I know if I can just stick it out I will receive all that he has for me and know more about Him and myself than I ever thought possible.

So while I wait for my promise- I worship, I trust, I write, I serve, I pray and press repeat.


Carine currently resides in Nashville, TN. She was raised in Brooklyn, NY, then moved to Florida where she attended the University of Florida and remained in Gainesville until four years ago when she moved to Nashville on a whim. She is a huge college football fan, loves to travel, hike, write, eat great food, encourage strangers and friends, and anything else that helps her live her best life now. Connect with her on Instagram and Facebook!