From "Who" to "Do:" A Devotional on Kingdom Callings

Today's devotional was written by the beautiful Meghan Campbell!

I'm re-reading the gospels right now. I do this often because it not only makes me feel closer and closer to understanding Jesus in a more intimate way, but I literally find something new EVERY single time I read. It’s amazing how the Bible does that. God placed a new revelation on my heart recently about Kingdom callings. In a season of so much change in my life, I have asked the question a lot, “what have you called me to do for your kingdom here on earth?” I have found that discovering my passions is definitely a process. God has taken me through quite a journey of learning myself, forgiving myself, and ultimately growing myself. I don’t think this process will ever be finished this side of heaven but as I grow more and more into the woman I believe he is shaping me to be, I find myself in more situations that make me uncomfortable. I realize God is not a God who wants me to find a happy place and stay put. He wants me to see His miraculous power in my time on earth, and if I am willing, He wants to invite me to participate. What an incredible gift! Yet, I must admit, it often terrifies me.

For the first time, this year, I thought of Jesus differently. In reading James I was thinking about how Jesus’ life as a human started as all of ours do. He was born a baby. I don’t know exactly how it all played out, nor do I believe we ever will until we ask our Father in heaven, but Jesus had to grow up just like the rest of us. I envision Him growing in height and in wisdom as we all do and as He developed, He learned more about who God is and started to build a deeper relationship with Him. Of course there is a very important difference in His life and mine and that is that he was without sin, but I imagine that he experienced changes in maturity all the same. With this new perspective, I suddenly began to see that Jesus must’ve had a moment in His life where God fully revealed to Him who He was, and what His calling was. In His infinite perfection, Jesus modeled for us the correct response! He learned WHO He was, and so He DID what he was called to do. His humanity might have caused Him to experience His calling the way we do, but His response showed His perfection.

I have felt God nudge me in certain directions many times. I would love to say when God reveals who I am to me and asks me to play my part in His kingdom work that I jump right on board and press onward, but the truth is I often either choose not to participate, or I take years and years to finally dive in. I ask for Him to reveal my kingdom purpose to me, and when He gives me glimpses I immediately begin writing a list in my head of reasons why I am incapable of living out this calling. For me, unfortunately, it often reveals itself in self-doubt. I can talk myself out of a lot of callings very quickly by simply feeling inadequate. I forget that the same God who called Jesus to die, and walked with Him until the very last and necessary moment, promises me the same companionship. I make it about me and my abilities, and therefore I decide its best to stay comfortable.

Jesus modeled perfect obedience. He knew WHO he was and he DID what He was called to do. No questions asked. He knew the love of His Father and lived into His calling confidently as a result. He showed us the power of faith paired with action. I often pray for bravery, but perhaps its not a question of bravery at all, but rather my lack of obedience. It must be paired with action in order to hold any weight. I can say I have faith all day, but unless I am willing to act on behalf of my God, I am only speaking words that have no meaning. I decided that this year my resolution is to practice obedience. God has been so faithful in my time in Chicago by helping me really learn WHO He created me to be. Now it is time to DO what He has called me to DO!

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Reflect // Worship

Listen to: "New Wine" by Hillsong

"Praise you Lord that you are making all things new! Renew our old ways that we may serve you better. "

Questions to reflect on:

1. Who does God say you are? What has He gifted you with specifically that you could use for His kingdom?

2. Where do you feel God calling you to be obedient? What is holding you back?

3. What steps will you take this week to practice obedience?

Scripture //

Reflect on what the Bible says about who God says you are!

A Child of God

But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God (John 1:12).

No Longer A Slave

So you are no longer a slave, but a son, and if a son, then an heir through God (Galatians 4:7).

Redeemed and Forgiven

In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of his grace (Ephesians 1:7).

Let's Pray //

Dear God, thank you that you work on our behalf according to your will and purpose. Thank you that YOUR story is SO much better than ours. Lord, we ask that you ignite a fire in our hearts to take what we know of you, and what you say about us, and to truly let it sink it. We pray you'd help us to see ourselves through your eyes, and let go of the approval of others, or the approval of worldly things. Show us our individual kingdom purposes Father, and equip us to be obedient to your calling. Give us a joy and an excitement to enter into adventure with you! Deepen our understanding of you, enrich our experience of you, grow our faith to the ends of the earth. We love you!

Go Deeper //

Read Matt Chandler's 

The Explicit Gospel 

to learn more about kingdom calling and purpose.

About The Writer //

Meghan is married to her amazing husband Tim, and mother to the sweetest little boy named Everett. She currently lives in Sheridan, Colorado, but has spent time in a lot of different places. She was born in Illinois, moved to Malaysia for two years in elementary school, lived in Missouri for high school, went to college in Kansas, and spent 5 years in downtown Chicago, before ending up in Colorado! Her family plans to stay in Colorado for a while, but she knows that ultimately, the Lord is in charge! She spent years selling wedding dresses, but once her baby boy was born, she decided to stay home with him. She also teaches Pure Barre classes! Meghan is an integral part of Hope Rises Ministries, and we are so grateful that she is a part of this project! Click here to visit Meghan’s blog!