Dear Christian, You've Been Lied To

Hey you...yup, you! You've been going to a church for a long time, right? Maybe almost every Sunday, except over summer break or when life gets busy. But most of the time, you go. And you love God. You love Him so much. You might even tell people He's the most important part of your life. Love is the most important thing, because that's what God teaches love others without abandon...right?

Does it feel like I'm in your head?

I get it, because that's how I led my life for 29 years. Until I started digging, and realized that I had been lied to. I was believing in a bunch of lies.

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Francis Chan spoke about these 5 popular lies that many, if not most, Christians believe. And He offers scripture to reveal the Truth to us. I believed in every single one of these until the Word of God came alive in my life. Let me tell you, these are difficult. The lies are way more politically correct and make everyone feel good about themselves. But I promise you, the Truth will set you free.

This is, by far, the most moving, encouraging, convicting and inspiring sermon that I have ever heard. I pray that it stirs in your heart and wakes up a part of you that you never knew was there.

Popular Lie #1:You are an accident vs. You were specifically created by God.

Popular Lie #2:You are a good person vs. God judges and justifies. 

Popular Lie #3:There are many ways to Heaven vs. Jesus is the only Way.

Popular Lie #4:Just pray a prayer and you'll be saved vs. You must die to yourself and live for Christ.

Popular Lie #5:The Christian life is all blessings vs. Pick up your cross and follow Him.

Dear Christian, you've been lied to