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Dana Marie Arnold - The Hope Collective Podcast

It all started when…

I had a tingling in my heart. Have you ever felt it? The call to create something that starts in your toes and works it’s way up to your heart until it snuggles up and makes itself right at home.

For years, it’s been patiently waiting to see the light of day, awaiting the moment to get into your earbuds and throw hope all over your life, like confetti.

So, that’s how it began ;)

what you can expect…

I believe, with all my heart, that we can find hope in the least expected places. Each week, we’re gonna get real about the issues we all deal with. We’ll crush our fears, tackle our insecurities, and throw hope around like confetti ... together!

My prayer is that you leave each episode feeling more hopeful, courageous, and engaged in your life than you were before. From faith to body image, to dreaming big, to marriage and relationships, to singleness and so much more - we’re going there. As always, you’re invited to come broken and leave redeemed.

In case we haven’t met yet…

I’m Dana Marie Arnold. If you found your way here through my music, you know me as simply Dana Marie :)

I’m a country singer-songwriter who loves Jesus and has a passion for encouraging others to find hope in the least expected places. I feel most alive with a guitar in my arms and a song on my lips. Jesus has transformed the pain of my past and used it to write a beautiful story. I believe each person has total freedom and joy available to them through Christ. So, I’m on a mission to share the awesome love of God with a world who could really use a hug.

Come broken, leave redeemed motto

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